John Parry is voting for Kelley Moore to be his mayor on October 26th


John Parry was born in London, England, UK. He was educated at Woodford Green in Essex, England, and at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. Parry has a Master of Business Administration degree. He has been politically active all of his life , serving as mayor, and as a member of parliament. John has served on the Boards of many Saskatoon organisations, several as Chair. John is a fine man and I am very grateful that he has stepped up to endorse me as his choice for mayor on October 26th 2016


john parry“I first met Kelley Moore shortly after I came to Saskatoon, and now, 13 years later, it is my pleasure and privilege to support her campaign for the position of Mayor. I have always found Kelley to be professional,  careful and accessible in everything she does. Her integrity, vision and insight inform and sustain all her activities and commitments.

As (briefly) a community planner and former Mayor myself, I can attest to the great relevance of community planning experience, in leading a democratic civic government. Kelley’s diversity of background and depth of experience makes her the best-rounded candidate to lead Saskatoon into the future. Her experience in management of a large organisation will support the blend of practical and visionary democracy that we need, to rise above the mountains of debt and denial that have been far too influential in our recent past. 21st-century problems demand contemporary solutions; those for which Kelley is best-equipped to articulate, explain and mobilise our support.

On October 26th, please cast your vote to support Kelley’s vision and plans for Saskatoon. “John Parry