Monica Kreuger wants and expects more from her mayor

Monica Kreuger was kind enough to share on video why she is voting for Kelley Moore as her next Saskatoon mayor.

Monica is the Founder, President and CEO of Global Infobrokers Inc. and the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship in Saskatoon. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sociology and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Saskatchewan where she taught Marketing and Entrepreneurship for several years.

monica Kreuger saskatoonShe has been and still is very involved in the business community as a board director or volunteer for several organizations where she has also held executive positions. A past president for the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and current co-Chair for the Going Global committee, she currently sits on the Board of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and Chair the HR Expert Committee.

Thank you Monica for your support and confidence!

The team, volunteer and supporters on my Saskatoon mayoral campaign have a tremendous impact. Whether contacting voters by phone or in-person, door knocking, driving voters to polling stations, researching issues, attending events,delivering lawn signs, or wearing T-shirts.The volunteers add energy and support to every aspect of the campaign. If you would like to get involved please find out more here.