Why Dr John Bury and Betsy Bury endorse Kelley Moore for Mayor

With great privilege I share videos from both Dr John Bury and his wife Betsy Bury . They were kind enough to publicly share their support of my mayoral run and I am very grateful for their advice and friendship. 

This wonderful couple were the pioneers of the Saskatchewan Community Clinics and medicare. The events in 1962 evoked deep and emotional rifts in Saskatchewan, grabbed headlines throughout the continent and resulted in today’s universal system of publicly funded health care.

Dr John BuryIn his video Dr John Bury also wanted to clarify that planners at the City of Saskatoon do not make the final decisions on planning,  as Don Atchison suggested at a recent mayoral forum. It is Saskatoon City Council that makes the planning decisions.


Betsy Bury

Hear from Betsy by clicking on her picture



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