Haven Rees is voting for Kelley Moore to be her mayor


The team, volunteer and supporters on my Saskatoon mayoral campaign have a tremendous impact. Whether contacting voters by phone or in-person, driving voters to polling stations, researching issues, attending events, or delivering lawn signs, volunteers add energy and support to every aspect of the campaign. If you would like to get involved please find out more here. www.moore4mayor.ca/volunteer


13557934_10154154571691163_3793443260294981640_n 2Haven Rees is a recent graduate of the Regional and Urban Planning Program at the University of Saskatchewan. She is interested in municipal politics and meaningful community engagement.

“I believe that our civic leaders should be dedicated to serving the public good. It is time for a mayor who has the applicable education and experience needed to effectively serve our citizens. I truly believe that Kelley Moore is the best candidate for our City and I encourage you all to vote on October 26th!”


Don’t hope for change …vote for change

Please join me and Expect Moore from your Mayor.
For more information, to donate or volunteer visit: www.Moore4mayor.ca