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Starting out as a new candidate running a campaign of this size and scale requires much support and effort. Getting my name out there, sharing what I value and stand for, and giving you the opportunity to get behind me based on what we can accomplish together takes effort, time, money and a lil’ luck!


Your support would mean a lot. Most importantly, your vote on Oct. 26, 2016 so we can bring a new perspective and  energy to City Hall. And crucial to making this happen is donating in whatever way you are able to help ensure this.


Billboards, lawn signs, leaflets help get my face out there but for just one billboard the cost can be upwards of $1500 for a few weeks. And, without the advantage of incumbency we‎ need visibility, access, and connectivity through a number of ways.


You can help purchase a lawn sign, or two, or three (they cost around $5), ‎or donate toward a batch of buttons, or purchase an #expectmoore t-shirt, or contribute toward a billboard.

How to Donate to Kelley Moore?

It’s as easy as clicking on one of the online options below or making a cheque out to Moore4Mayor Campaign  and dropping it in the mail to 610 Walmer Road, Saskatoon, SK S7L 0E2.


And, for those of you keen to further exercise your democratic muscles join our campaign team by clicking here.


Thank you. Your support means everything.


Kelley Moore where you can #expectmoore from your Mayor

Please make your cheque out to

‘Moore4Mayor Campaign’

Mailing address :

610 Walmer Road,Saskatoon

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Thank you all for the support. We will put all donation information in the public domain as our commitment to openness and transparency.The totals below update on a weekly basis.