Allan Blakely has voted for Kelley Moore to be his mayor

The team, volunteer and supporters on my Saskatoon mayoral campaign have a tremendous impact. Whether contacting voters by phone or in-person, door knocking, driving voters to polling stations, researching issues, attending events,delivering lawn signs, or wearing T-shirts.The volunteers add energy and support to every aspect of the campaign.  I am very grateful to those who step up to help in anyway, I am especially grateful when they offer to share the reasons publicly why they support me.

Allan Blakely has voted for Kelley Moore

allan blakelyAllan Blakely is an account manger at a local company involved in process control, measurement and automation solutions in the process industries. In this short video he shares his reasons for voting for me in the 2016 Civic Election.

Allan is articulate, thoughtful and honest and I am honoured that he stepped up to endorse me.  Allan is married to Jill Blakely who was also kind enough to endorse me – See her video here