Carol Cisecki is voting for Kelley Moore on October 26th

The team, volunteer and supporters on my Saskatoon mayoral campaign have a tremendous impact. Whether contacting voters by phone or in-person, driving voters to polling stations, researching issues, attending events, or delivering lawn signs, volunteers add energy and support to every aspect of the campaign. If you would like to get involved please find out more here.

In addition those who are willing to step up to endorse me publicly like Richard Marjan also truly make a difference to my campaign

Carol Cisecki is voting for Kelley Moore

Carol Cisecki

Carol is an amazing woman, she is a very well known and respected active volunteer in the Saskatoon community. Kelley Moore feels very so fortunate to have her as a full time volunteer on the Moore4mayor Campaign team! In this video she shares the many reasons she is voting for Kelley Moore to be her next Saskatoon mayor. In particular Carol mentions how she has never been part of a campaign that has bought workers and business together in such a collaborative and positive manner.