Carol explains why she is voting Moore 4 Mayor

Thank you Carol for your endorsement and you confidence in my abilities. I want to be your mayor and I know I am the best qualified candidate for the role.

Voting Moore4 Mayor

Voting Moore4mayor

“Kelley is clearly the MOST qualified candidate to run for the position of mayor. When I went to her website I saw a depth of knowledge, details and research that is NOT on the other candidates sites, I was even more impressed. In interviews I have noticed that she is also an eloquent and intelligent communicator, which is important for a mayor because this is a person who will be also representing this city outside our boundaries: on provincial, national and international levels.

This past week I ran into a few people who said they didn’t know much about her and went so far as saying she didn’t have experience. I think people who resort to comments like this do so because she has not been in the public eye as, say, a City Councillor. Needless to say I was quick to educate these folks with some facts: Kelley has over 20 years combined experience working for the city as a Senior Planner, for the province overseeing multi-million dollar budgets, and in private business. Being a mayor is not just about shaking hands, walking in a parade, or pounding a gavel during Council meetings informing members when to speak and not to speak. A mayor must know business, planning, numbers, people, communities…the list goes on. It is a fine balancing act that requires intelligence.

It is clearly evident that Kelley is very experienced and qualified, and she has done her homework well. I encourage everyone to go to her website and compare it to the other candidates. Kelley Moore’s site has substance and details. The other does not!

I will further add, Kelley is reminding of Naheed Nenshi, Calgary’s current Mayor. He is one of the most well liked and successful Mayor’s that city has ever seen, and get this, he was not a former Councillor either. His background stems from Commerce, Public Policy and, like Kelly, had a business that advised non-profit, private and public sector organizations to grow.

I hope when people decide who they will vote for, that they do it with judicious thought and not solely because of familiarity.”  Carol Rae, Saskatoon.



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