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Moore Calls for Immediate Settlement of ATU ContractWho knows best what a community needs? Its residents of course! And how do they share their observations and concerns with City Hall? That’s a more difficult question to answer. “In fact, the residents of our neighbourhoods have a hard time getting access to decision makers at City Hall and it is getting worse”, says Kelley Moore, candidate for mayor at the October 26 municipal election. “Right now, outside of contacting their Councillor, there is no convenient or consistent way for neighbourhoods to be heard on municipal matters outside of recreation.”

“We need to give voice back to neighbourhoods. We have so many vibrant new communities. We need to stay in touch with them to find out what’s working and what needs improvement”, says Moore.

Moore is proposing bringing together our neighbourhoods by establishing “Councils of Communities” in Saskatoon. At regular meetings attended by Councillors and City staff, representatives of communities would share information about local issues. Opening an office in civic centres where councillors have a presence will help build additional lines of communication to City Hall.

Saskatoon used to do a better job of keeping people involved and sharing information with City officials. “We need to build from current best practices that work”, says Moore. “There is so much local knowledge that needs to inform City Hall and City Council on a regular basis. This way, City Hall can become much more relevant, and responsive, to residents’ needs.”

Issues will encompass a wide range, from street maintenance, traffic congestion, sidewalk repair, safety, shared community resources (such as civic centres) and local budget priorities. “The Local Area Plan process has been used in our core areas for many years. This type of process can be adapted to fit our newer neighborhoods now”, says Moore.

“The worst thing we could do is build a new neighbourhood, then walk away from it and let problems emerge and fester. We need to stay on top of things, make timely repairs, improve road networks along with maintenance, and ensure there is a strong police presence in our suburban areas. We want to continuously improve our neighbourhoods”, says Moore. “By timely problem solving, we can save money in the long run. Resident input is critical here.”

In recent years, the emphasis has been to construct expensive capital projects, and this has increased our debt alarmingly. Saskatoon taxpayers spend $30 M per year to service that debt. This money would be much better spent in communities. “What would you do with an additional $30 M invested in existing neighbourhoods?” asks Moore.

Listening to communities doesn’t require much money. All it requires is trust in residents. Trust that they know their neighbourhoods best. “As your mayor, I will shift the emphasis of City Hall towards better communication with and service to its neighbourhoods.” Moore represents a clear-thinking alternative to the incumbents. A professional planner. An experienced senior administrator. A business owner. A new action-oriented vision for our city.

For more information or to discuss this further with Kelley please contact: Campaign Manager, Sara Wheelwright or Campaign Coordinator, Haven Rees| 306-291-5303 or 291-4449.

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