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Listening to Communities

I envision a Saskatoon that champions the ‘public’ in public service and a city that is responsive to all resident and business needs and makes them the top priority. As your mayor, I will listen and be accessible to you.  I am committed to leading an inclusive Saskatoon.  I will establish regular opportunities for community and business engagement directly with the Mayor’s office and City Hall. I will focus on a more open and democratic government where all citizens have a voice and are at the heart of the decision-making process.

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Financial Responsibility & Accountability

Saskatoon is facing record debt and a review of our income and expenditure is needed. As your mayor, I will implement a balanced approach to investing our tax dollars. Let’s focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of city services for all residents by ensuring we have our priorities clear, what we build is needed, and capital projects are done right the first time.  We must commit to a more  transparent city government so taxpayers can see how their tax dollars are being spent. It’s time!

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Sustainable Planning & Infrastructure

As your mayor, I will work to make Saskatoon a livable and affordable city for our future generations through a commitment to more sustainable development. Our rapid development is placing pressures on our open spaces, our air, our water and our riverbank that cannot be ignored. I understand the importance of optimizing our utilities and infrastructure assets by incorporating renewable resources and growing upward. Better policies and incentives are needed to increase the population downtown and along major transportation corridors throughout the city. To prevent growing tax bills, a plan is needed to provide clearer priorities for the replacement of deteriorated infrastructure in our neighbourhoods. All areas of Saskatoon should be easily accessible for seniors, families and those with differing abilities. And we must rethink our approach to transit so people can move more efficiently within the city and have more time to do the things they enjoy and save money on commuting costs.

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Civic Service Satisfaction

Saskatoon is known and valued for its beautiful parks, river valley and recreational facilities but is falling behind in many areas. As your mayor, I will establish greater accountability and transparency in reporting civic service work, investments and outcomes.  How the city manages water and sewer upgrades, road maintenance, sidewalk repair, curb cuts, snow removal, parks, parking and parking meters as well as facilities such as pools, sports arenas, libraries and art galleries all impact on the quality of life of Saskatoon citizens and our bottom line.  Better coordination, communication and accounting of investments in these areas are needed.

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Safety and Security 

Saskatoon should not be competing to be the crime capital of Canada! Every person in Saskatoon deserves to feel safe and secure no matter where they live or work. As your mayor, I will commit to addressing the root causes of crime – poverty, poor housing, lack of employment and marginalization. The City has a lead role to support the police service, human service providers, business and the community to stop and prevent crime. People feel safer when there are police in their communities, in their schools and at their doors when they need them. They feel more secure knowing their neighbours are looking out for them. We need to foster stronger partnerships and investments with all orders of government to support our emergency services, communities and businesses to make Saskatoon safe for all.

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Small Business and Entrepreneurship  

Saskatoon is founded upon the hard work of entrepreneurs in every sector. Our future success is dependent on growing a robust, diverse, creative and technologically advanced economy. As your mayor, I will develop policies and create an environment that fosters investment in small business, start-ups and e-commerce. As a small business owner, I understand the work of establishing a business, recruiting talent, keeping overhead costs low, absorbing growing costs, and remaining competitive in a global economy. Our business sector creates jobs, invests in property, volunteers for charities and invests in our communities. Businesses generate taxes and improve our community. City Hall must ensure businesses have what they need from the City to succeed.

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