Kelley Moore Unveils Transportation Platform



Moore Unveils Transportation Platform

Transportation is a major issue in Saskatoon. “Every person in Saskatoon needs to be able to get to their destinations quickly and efficiently. Nobody wants to be stuck in traffic. And people need choice in how they move,” says Kelley Moore, candidate for mayor in the October 26 municipal election.

Currently, Saskatoon’s mode-share has 86% of commuters in passenger vehicles. Five percent take the bus. Five percent walk. Two percent commute on bikes.  “Saskatoon has among the highest proportion of commuters in cars anywhere in Canada, and it shows in the wear and tear of our streets, and the rise in congestion. Roadways are not only very expensive to build and maintain, busy roads decrease property values and reduce the quality of life to those nearby”, says Moore. “We can’t build ourselves out of congestion.”

Kelley Moore Unveils Transportation PlatformMoore’s focus will be on transit.  “Most of us don’t take the bus because it’s less convenient than the alternatives. This is only because it’s been neglected by the city, and has not received the attention that it requires.”

“Successful larger cities require a much more equal mix of public transit and private passenger vehicle use. This approach is not only more cost effective for a city, it also saves residents time and money”, says Moore.  “This is the direction I advocate for Saskatoon, and we have to get started on it now.”

Building a Better Transit System

To prepare for better transportation, we need to build a transit system that will have:

  • A high frequency of service that respects people’s time.
  • An efficient network that covers areas where transit needs are greatest.
  • Comfortable shelters that protect transit users from the elements.
  • Priority snow and ice clearing on sidewalks leading to shelters.
  • A convenient system that tells riders when the next bus is due to arrive, and where it’s going.
  • Fares that respect lower incomes and recognize needs of future transit riders.

Transit Saskatoon buses“Simply put, a better bus system will need to beat your car to your destination, in both cost and time”, says Moore. Transit service needs to be viewed as an investment that helps the city lower costs in the long run.

Access Transit

Individuals living with disabilities or limited mobility require better service from our Access Transit System. “We need to improve our capacity in this area. Many Access Transit users have to wait hours for a bus to arrive. That is not acceptable”, says Moore. “I will fight for investments in this area so we treat Access transit users with the respect they deserve.”


Mode Share Goals

Cities that have a good transit systems report ridership of two to ten times that of our city. Ottawa, for example, had 22% of commutes done by bus in 2011.  In those cities, people get to work faster, and spend less money on vehicle ownership and parking, than any alternative.

“As mayor, I will work to establish goals that bring transit use to 20% of mode share. This will require a concerted effort in terms of neighbourhood planning and transit service improvements”, says Moore.

Roadway Improvements

Moore’s support of transit includes support for a well designed and constructed roadway network to and from neighbourhoods and places of school, leisure, and work. But the function of these roadways will need to adapt, being asked to accommodate more transportation options.

Pedestrian Support

Pedestrians also need better support. Our walkway system needs to be more accessible, with cut curbs to help wheeled devices or the mobility impaired. We need to do a better job of clearing ice and snow off our walks, especially in areas where aging adults live. And we need to make our traffic signals responsive to the button push.

Bike Lanes

Saskatoon bike lanesBike lanes have their place, and to be effective, they have to be properly planned and designed.  “The new bike lanes downtown are in the pilot stages and early indications show we have a lot more work to do to get bike lanes right in Saskatoon”, says Moore.

“Moving throughout our city is a task most of us face each day”, says Moore. “We need to invest in a transportation system that is efficient and cost-effective for our residents.”
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